Cougars vs MILFS – 5 Reasons Why MILFs Reign Supreme

Maybe you have a thing for older women. However, did you know that cougars and MILFs are not the same thing? Not many guys know this. They’re different, and we believe MILFs are better. We’ll give you 5 reasons why below.

What’s the Difference Between the Two?

We could jump right in, but we should first run through what makes the two so different. A cougar is an older woman that has an insatiable hunger for younger men. She doesn’t have to be a mother.

A MILF, on the other hand, is an older woman, but she’s usually not as old as a cougar. More importantly, she has a child.

If you were to compare a MILF to a cougar, you’d notice that cougars are always on the prowl. They’re very sexually driven, while MILFs aren’t as hungry for men.

With this explanation in mind, you might have gathered a couple of reasons why the mothers are the better choice. Let’s dive a bit deeper below.

1.     You’re A Toy to A Cougar

Unless you’re a fan of being treated like a piece of meat, stay away from a cougar. They love younger men, living off of their affection. If you’re dating one, the chances of her seeing others are high.

As she’s always occupied by men, your relationship may never get serious. Your lady friend is just looking for someone to satisfy her needs. This is the complete opposite of a MILF. She’s ready to settle down. With her, you’ll feel affection.

2.     MILFs Are Easier to Approach

Raising a child is no easy feat, which is why MILFs are very empathetic. Their maternal instincts are always in gear, so approaching them is a piece of cake.

You might not even have to do this. She wants to settle down. So, it’s very common to see MILFs reaching out to men. This is especially true on dating sites like Such behavior is a stark contrast to cougars as they feed off being put on a pedestal.

3.     Cougars Aren’t the Best Company

As a cougar will treat you like a piece of meat, being in a relationship with one will feel stale. You won’t have great conversations. You’ll struggle to find connections too. This is unfortunate as you’d be wasting your time when you could’ve been with a MILF.

MILFs are wise. Not only because they’re mothers, but because they’re older. Many people who’ve dated them have said their views on life completely changed.

Being with someone who doesn’t treat you like a toy would help with your self-worth, and it’ll also increase your chances of finding love. Who wouldn’t want that?

4.     You Can Easily Introduce A MILF to Your Family

MILFs have kids, so they’re great with people. If you were to introduce her to your family, she’ll make herself at home very quickly. This is great as you’re dating an older woman, so you want things to go smoothly.

A cougar is a loner. Not only will she find it hard to get along with your family, but due to the type of person she is, she might not even want to meet them. This could wreak havoc on your relationship as you’re forced to keep her separate from your loved ones.

5.     Kids Are Great

You might think dating someone who has a child would be difficult. However, children are a lot of fun. Being a parent figure to a child would help you mature as a person. It would also teach you valuable skills. These would be great when you’re ready to start a family of your own.

Dating someone with a child would make you a father figure. Treating them as your own would let you experience a connection you’ve never felt before. It’s something you need in your life.  


Cougars and MILFs are both older women. However, cougars have an insatiable hunger for younger men, while MILFs do not. Another major difference is that cougars don’t have kids.

At the end of the day, dating a mother is advantageous. She has a child so she’s very empathetic, and this allows a nurturing relationship to bloom. Raising a child is not easy, so she’s great with people – this would make her meeting your loved ones a piece of cake.

As MILFs are older, being with them would change your view on a lot of things. This is especially true as they’re mothers. You could learn a thing or two from a cougar as she’s older. However, she probably won’t be interested in having meaningful conversations with you.

Don’t forget that cougars love younger men. They actively chase them, so when you date one, the chances of you being cheated on are high.

Keep these points in mind the next time you want to date an older woman.

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