Going on A First Date with A Younger Guy? 8 Things to Know

Going on a date with a younger guy is a good move. This could come with a plethora of benefits, and lead to a very steamy relationship. But to make sure things go smoothly, keep a couple of things in mind. We discussed them below.

He’ll Love You No Matter What

You might already know this, but you’ll be a hot commodity when it comes to men. MILFs are seen as sex symbols thanks to pop culture and film. You don’t have to worry about not looking good enough for him. Some older women could get nervous before their dates, ruining their confidence and making things end badly.

But It’s Easy to Scare Him Away

You’re sophisticated and know exactly what you want. If you’re not careful with what you say, you could intimidate him. It’s all about your demeanor – try to not be too assertive. Toning the eye-contact down and pumping up the humour would help.

You probably love to talk about complex topics. He might enjoy the conversation as well. That being said, don’t get into it right away; talk about things he likes first to make him comfortable.

Make Him Feel Like A Man

Touching on the above point, you could make him comfortable by letting him take charge. All guys like feeling like men – his ego would be boosted. Now, how can you go about this? Let him make all the decisions for a date. You’re probably not used to guys taking charge, as you’re an independent woman with a family. But being a “damsel in distress” might be fun once in a while, as you’ll have everything taken care of for you.

Commitment Might Be an Issue

You might be ready to settle down. Why else would you go on a date? A serious relationship could be the last thing on his mind, though. If you go into it with the expectation of snagging a boyfriend, you might be disappointed.

He knows you’re a mother but talking about your kids on the first date is not a smart move. It’s something you should ease into as he may feel uncomfortable.

He Could Fall for You

He may not want a serious relationship but this may not stop him from catching feelings for you. You’re not like girls his age, and that’s your appeal. Being around such a sophisticated woman could be exciting for him. If you’re looking to settle down, this is what you want to hear.

Can You Keep Up?

Guys your age are usually more mellow. Being younger, however, he would be full of energy. Conversations would be colourful, and he’ll want to get to know as much about you as possible. If you’re not expecting it, this energy might hit you like a tsunami. However, it could be exactly what you need; you’d feel reinvigorated and younger.

He’s Not as Experienced as You

Depending on how the night goes, he might take you back home. Although the two of you will have fun, you might realize that he doesn’t have much experience. This is where it’s okay to take charge – it’ll make for a steamier time.

Know That You’re Not the Only MILF He’s Seeing

Don’t forget that younger guys love MILFs. There are plenty of older women out there. Many dating sites and apps are created exclusively for younger guys to find older women, like meet-a-milf.

He’s probably not the only guy you’ve been talking to, especially if you’re looking to settle down. He may have been talking to other women too, so don’t let this upset you.

Final Thoughts

Going on a first date with a younger guy could feel scary, since he may be half your age. But MILFs are hot commodities. You don’t have to worry about him not liking you. However, you’re probably not the only older woman he’s talking to, so be prepared for anything.

To make sure the date goes well, try to boost his ego. Let him feel like a man – any guy would appreciate this. You can also make yourself less intimidating. He won’t be as emotionally mature as you, so your assertiveness might spook him.

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