Serious or Casual? What Are MILFs Looking For in Relationships?

If you’ve been mostly dating women your own age or younger, then you will have some idea of what that age demographic wants. However, if you have only just started dating older women, you may be feeling a little lost. What exactly are MILFs looking for in relationships?

In case you are after a straightforward answer, you may be out of luck. The truth is, there is quite a bit of variation in what older women want. So, no two MILFs are alike. Still, let’s take a look at what some older women may be up for:


If you think that older women aren’t down for hookups, you would be wrong. Many women tend to hit their sexual prime once they have passed thirty or forty. As a result, they are looking to explore this side of them. And, many are on the lookout for younger men to fulfill these needs.

Such women tend to be pretty vocal about what they want. You can find them on dating sites such as and they will often give you a few hints about what they are after. These kinds of relationships are typically not meant to last but rather exist to make sure that both parties are well-served.

Casual Dating

On the surface, hookups and casual dating may appear identical. However, this isn’t the case. With casual dating, you aren’t necessarily exclusive with an older woman. Still, it is more than a one night stand as well.

Now, you should be aware that casual dating can be a rather confusing term – it often means different things to different people. So, before you agree to such a relationship, it is best to clarify things with the MILF that you are with.

See, for some women, casual dating is all about the wait-and-see approach. It means that they are not necessarily sold on the idea of a serious relationship, but it doesn’t mean that they have given up on the idea either. For such women, casual dating may only exist between two people.

Others, though, may see casual dating where each person is free to date others. Nevertheless, it may be implied that the two of you make time for each other every now and then.

Serious Dating

Interestingly enough, a lot of women aren’t looking for a serious relationship straight off the bat. This could be for various reasons. To start with, many of these women have recently divorced. As such, they are looking to play the field a bit before settling down.

These women also tend to have fully formed lives. They may have kids, work commitments, and more. Thus, they don’t always have the time or motivation to dedicate to a relationship. There also a lot of MILFs that just don’t want to be tied down. They are enjoying the single life and would like to continue doing so.

Still, it is possible that some of these older ladies may change their mind. If you seem to have a real connection with you, they may open themselves up to a long-term relationship.

Then there are the women who are certain that they want a serious relationship. If this is the case, you should enter the relationship with the right mindset. These women are aware that the two of you might not work out. But, they aren’t interested in playing around – you have to meet them on their terms or look elsewhere.

Defining the Relationship

The easiest way to know what a MILF is looking for is to ask her upfront. You should know that not all women have figured this out and may be still thinking about it. Nevertheless, you may be able to get some idea of what kind of situation they prefer.

It is also important to know that relationships are constantly evolving. So, even if the two of you agreed to keep things casual, it could blossom into something else. Despite this, don’t automatically assume that this will happen with every hookup or casual relationship.

Instead, take someone at their word. Doing so will ensure that you avoid being hurt in the long run. Only let a relationship progress if it appears to be happening naturally.

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